About the author

Nadine Pilley Edwards worked with AIMS from 1980 until 20017. She is a Trustee at the Pregnancy and Parents Centre (www.pregnancyandparents.org.uk) where she has run pregnancy groups since 1985. She has written many articles and book chapters about the politics of maternity care, relationships between woman and midwives, decision-making, safety and risk, and research methods. She is currently working with Becky Reed on a book about the closure of the internationally respected Albany Midwifery Practice in London and a book about birthing without midwives with Mavis Kirkham. She, Rosemary Mander and Jo Murphy-Lawless have just published an edited collection on the deepening crisis within maternity care in the UK and Ireland called Untangling the Maternity Crisis.

Review: “It has taken me a long time to get round to reading this book and in the intervening time, the points that the author makes have become even more salient and the situation for birthing women even less rosy.

“This may look like a niche book. It isn’t. This is absolutely fundamental stuff. Edwards’ PhD study interviewed, in a very intelligent way, women planning, and having, or not having, babies born at home. And boy did she get some very intelligent, far from uniform, responses. The way she has written the book allows us to hear the women’s voices loud and clear, and then she has done the work to draw out the themes. Which may be surprising… Spoiler Alert: It’s not about geography. Her findings present both a challenge and an opportunity. One which midwifery is failing, big time currently (I say midwifery not ‘midwives’ for reasons that are made clear in the book and in other powerful works) Her work shows the impact not just in a narrow clinical sense, nor even just on parenting, but on women (and their partners) in much bigger ways. Get birth ‘right’ (by which I don’t mean ‘lucky’) and you might change the world. (She doesn’t quite say this but I do wonder if one of the forces in opposite isn’t an unconscious fear of the power of the empowered vs the (sadly usual) disempowerment)”

Review from: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/2048954.Birthing_Autonomy#other_reviews

Limited excerpts from Birthing Autonomy: Women’s Experiences of Planning Home Births are available to view here: https://books.google.co.uk/books/about/Birthing_Autonomy.html?id=9I4Gsgl78iUC&redir_esc=y

Nadine’s PhD thesis, that her book Birthing Autonomy is based on, is available to view on-line here: http://etheses.whiterose.ac.uk/12829/1/247158.pdf

Buy Birthing Autonomy: Women’s Experiences of Planning Home Births, direct from Routledge at: https://www.routledge.com/Birthing-Autonomy-Womens-Experiences-of-Planning-Home-Births/Edwards/p/book/9780415354097